ERISA LTD/STD Disability

Joseph Koplin represents clients in cases involving denial and delaying of disability insurance benefits under both private and employer sponsored plans, ERISA and Non-ERISA. How do you know if you are covered under an ERISA plan? The Employee Retirement Income Security Act applies insurance issued as a benefit of one’s employment. This includes short term and long term disability. We work with vocational counselors, providers who specialize in return to work assessments, and forensic medical experts.

What makes LTD and STD cases so unique is that the coverage and the benefits are determined by the insurance contract. No two cases are alike. But, the federal government has ensured that a person seeking coverage under these policies has some protection. The attorneys at Moschetto & Koplin, Inc. know the protections granted you under ERISA. If you have been denied benefits please contact us to discuss your options and protect your rights.

Attorneys: Joe Koplin

Specific Areas of Practice
Claimant’s Short and Long Term Disability Claims and Appeals